Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) face a distinct challenge since they often lack access to internal network metrics and the ability to optimize or plan the network used by their clients. Moreover, they cannot guarantee the quality of experience their clients receive from the underlying mobile network operator (MVNO).

That's why...

Weplan Analytics offers a unique solution by providing MVNOs with comprehensive network information, identifying areas where their clients may be encountering issues so that MVNO can effectively communicate these concerns to the network owner.

Additionally, benchmark data allows MVNO operators to assess if there are alternative networks (MVNOs) that offer better performance than their current provider. This valuable information empowers MVNOs to enhance their service offerings, ensure a competitive edge in the market and choose the right network.

What services do we offer to Operators in Weplan Analytics?
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Our solutions

Deepen your insights embedding Weplan Analytics SDK in the MVNO mobile app

Enhance your understanding of your network's performance with Weplan Analytics software development kit (SDK) integrated seamlessly into the MVNO’s mobile app. By leveraging this powerful tool, Mobile Network Operators (MVNOs) can gain detailed insights into their network performance, conduct individual analysis, and improve customer support, ultimately reducing churn.

Efficiency at its core

Our SDK is designed to ensure that integrating Weplan Analytics into your app has no impact on data usage and battery consumption. Rest assured that your users' experience will remain unaffected while you gain valuable network data insights.

Seamless integration for maximum compatibility

The Weplan Analytics SDK is not only compatible with native Android applications but also with mobile frameworks such as Ionic/Cordova and React Native. With straightforward instructions tailored to your app's requirements and practical examples, you can integrate the SDK into your app within minutes.

Unlock the power of Weplan Analytics SDK

By integrating the Weplan Analytics SDK into your MVNO app, you'll unlock a wealth of benefits:

Detailed network analysis

Gain detailed insights of your network's performance, including coverage, signal strength, data speed, and more.

Gain detailed insights of your network's performance, including coverage, signal strength, data speed, and more.

Individual user analysis

Analyze network usage patterns and behavior from individual users, allowing you to offer personalized recommendations, address specific issues, and enhance the overall user experience.

Enhanced customer support

Equip your customer support team with powerful network data to better understand and address user concerns. By accessing network information, you can provide prompt and accurate assistance, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Churn reduction

Identify factors contributing to user churn and take proactive measures to mitigate them. Leverage the insights provided by the Weplan Analytics SDK to address network issues, optimize service quality, and retain satisfied customers.

Leverage the insights provided by the Weplan Analytics SDK to address network issues, optimize service quality, and retain satisfied customers.

Quality and competitive intelligence

Unlock unparalleled network performance KPIs

With Weplan Analytics Dashboard, we provide MVNOs with a wealth of powerful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive their decision-making process. Some of the key KPIs offered include:


Insights information into time and data usage per technology (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, limited coverage and no coverage).

This information provides the customer's perceived experience allowing MVNOs to optimize the network where it is needed.

Signal strength, quality comparison and other Radio Frequency (RF) KPIs

Comprehensive comparison of the experience received from their clients and their competitors in any area, such as a specific building, an administrative level or any drawn or imported polygon.

Mobile and fixed networks performance metrics

Measures and analysis of critical network performance metrics such as Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, and Throughput. Additionally, we offer comprehensive web resolution performance KPIs. These insights help MVNOs identify areas for improvement and ensure exceptional user experiences.

Time Series Analysis

Detailed time series analysis for all KPIs, enabling us to monitor trends and identify patterns over time. This includes analyzing relevant parameters such as site placement deployments per eNodeB/gNodeB frequency, or the number of cells and frequencies deployed at a specific area.

Granular georeferenced data for precise insights

Our dashboard allows the users to drill down to an individual cell or aggregate data up to specific administrative levels such as regions, states, countries, municipalities, postal codes, or any customized polygon. Our solution provides users with the flexibility and analytics they need to gain insights at the desired detail.

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