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Weplan Analytics’ crowdsourced data is the most accurate for analyzing fixed and mobile network Quality of Experience

Our proprietary technology allows us to collect large volumes of data through our own and third-party mobile applications and efficiently provide value for our clients with user-friendly Dashboards.

Through our Data, processed in our Dashboard, Mobile Operators, TowerCos and Telecommunication Regulators can make well-informed decisions regarding different uses cases like:

QoE benchmarking
RAN planning and deployment
Mobile network optimization
RAN sharing design
2G/3G sunset
Investment decisions, portfolio evaluation, decommissioning risks
Proactive Colocation campaigns
New sites constructions (BTS/BTF)
Densification (Small Cells)
Special indoor/outdoor designs (DAS)

“What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured cannot be improved. What is not improved is always degraded.” - Lord Kelvin

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