The leading crowdsourced network measurement company

We offer solutions based on Business Intelligence within the telecommunications sector, including network quality measurement and benchmarking services. Based on crowdsourcing methodologies, we collect massive and anonymous data from more than 200 million smartphones through our own and third party applications. This allows us to sell our SaaS to operators, TowerCos and network regulators in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.


We have powerful real-time tools

Consumer centric Analytics

Thanks to our own technology, we anonymously record an infinite number of interactions that consumers make with their devices. Through our algorithms we can help identify their interests and motivations in different channels and industries, in different socio-demographic segments.

Collecting Data from Market-Leading Apps

At Weplan Analytics, we anonymously collect records on the quality of the network and the coverage of all mobile operators, through market-leading apps in 31 countries on more than 200 million devices. This allows us to know in an uninterrupted way, the behavior and trends of the mobile market in a precise and dynamic way.

Data of the entire market

Our data do not come from theoretical approximations, from a specific sample or from specific moments of the day, but we capture in a factual and anonymous way the whole behavior of the clients.

Powerful analytical tools

We collect large amounts of data every day that are analyzed using measurement tools adapted to the needs of each client.

Business Solutions

Making decisions based on real data is possible.

Weplan Analytics Dashboard

The easiest and most comfortable way to consult insights.

Through our dashboard it is possible to consult online insights, segmented by city, province, country, purchasing power, type of connection, consumer profile, use of apps...

Our own technology and data allow us to identify the behavior of the entire market.

We have also an easy and fast integration SDK that allows us to collect data from the customer's own users.

Solutions for TowerCos

The best tools for tower management companies, to optimize cell-site investments

Our web-based tool can help you:

  • Determine placement of new sites in a given geographical area according to Quality of Signal analysis
  • Identify competing sites within a given geographical area
  • Obtain detailed KPI Analyses for given geographical areas or for specific sites or antennas
  • And much more

Monetization options for developers

We provide the possibility of generating income with Android apps

By integrating our Android SDK - compatible with both native and Ionic/Cordova and React Native applications - we provide the opportunity to generate monthly revenue for mobile app developers

Competitive Analysis and Reports

Competitive Positioning Reports & Market Strategy.

Our database and our interactive measurement tools allow us to prepare specific reports according to the specific needs of each client on the total market: consumer behavior, competition, network performance and equipment.

Our team

Meet the people behind Weplan Analytics


Pablo Reaño

Pablo Reaño


Founder and CEO of Weplan Analytics and Satya Insights, companies specialized in providing customer intelligence services for the telco and retail industries through big data technologies, precise geolocation and machine learning. Business Administration degree from CUNEF and Executive MBA from IE Business School in 2009 (1st in its promotion). He left FTI Consulting to lead Weplan in 2013. Previously, he worked for 7 years at Structured Finance and Venture Capital in Banesto and 3 years as an auditor at PwC. Executive education at Harvard Business School.

Diego García

Diego García

Technical Lead

Master of IT law, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Master in Data Science and Master in Big Data Architecture. For 7 years, he has managed the BI team at Weplan Analytics and led product development. Expert in Data Science, Big Data, Mobile development, Mobile Marketing, App UX and Digital Analytics.


Carlos Gómez

Carlos Gómez

CEO at Cheerfy, Executive & Entrepreneur with 15 years experience in Nortel, Fon (backed by Google), and We2 as CEO and Co-Founder. In Fon, he ran the international business. Executive education in MIT.

Fernando García Muñoz

Fernando García Muñoz

Chief Resources Officer at Iberostar. Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience in the Telco and Digital Services Industry, where he held several management positions in Finance, Strategy, HR and Business Development in Spain, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Borja Manso

Borja Manso

Big four consulting firm experience, with an Executive MBA from I.E. Business School and more than 8 years experience reporting directly to the General Manager of an IT company. He's currently Key Account Manager in Risen Energy Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest solar panel manufacturers.

Our clients

Vertical Bridge
Phoenix Tower International
Telecom Partners
Arcadia Towers
Frontier Towers
Mexico Telecom Partners

Weplan Analytics in the world

Weplan Analytics in the world

Our mobile apps.

Through our apps we help you to rigorously control your mobile phone and coverage.



The collaborative app that puts an end to coverage deficiencies in your area.

We want that mobile phone daily given situations like: “I can not hear you! I have almost no coverage.”, That video that does not load..., or the message on the screen that indicates: “Only emergency calls”… will be history soon. What started as a dream, has become a social movement, thanks to you, each operator will know where there are failures in your network and where we are not receiving the contracted service.

Disponible en Google Play


Control your cell phone and not him to you!

Do you really know what you consume? We think we know, but we don't. That's why StatsMe does that work for you and you'll be able to know exactly your data consumption, voice and messages, your operator's apps that uses the most of your data, fully configurable alarms and so on.

Disponible en Google Play
Internet Speed

Internet Speed

Monitor network connections and be aware of how much data you consume in your day to day.

Internet Speed ​​is the best option to monitor your internet consumption. You will be able to see the internet speed in real time on the status bar of your device. You will also be able to control data consumption from the application.

Disponible en Google Play